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Saturday, February 19, 2005 

Xfce & Rox Icons

Gartoon & BlankOn for Xfce & Rox

BlankOn (Xfce) :: Download
BlankOn (Rox-Filer) :: Download

Gartoon (Xfce) :: Download
Gartoon (Rox-Filer) :: Download
Gartoon Blue (Rox-Filer) :; Download

NOTE: Make sure to read over the INSTALL file for the Xfce theme(s)


Great work! However, shouldn't the install inctructions say

Extract Gartoon & Gartoon Xfce into: $prefix$/share/icons

OR ~/.icons ?

The reason i say to extract it system wide, is because the theme is set to inherit from the main Gartoon theme. Xfce currently has trouble reading inherits if they aren't both (both themes) in the same location.

For example, if Gartoon is in $prefix$/share/icons and Gartoon.Xfce is in .icons then Gartoon.Xfce might not be able to find them. Hence giving you a pretty ugly mix of Rodent and Gartoon...

But yea, installing everything under ~/.icons should work just fine, I just prefer to install them system wide...

Next time I update the theme, I'll update the install file. Including ~/.icons as an option...


thanks for claryfing this.

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