Monday, July 25, 2005 


About two weeks ago I finally got a chance to hook up w/ Brian "a drummer" and show him some of the new material Kevin & I have been working on...

So far so good! We have had two jam sessions since then and are planning for one at least once a week. Hopefully more as time goes by...

This is by no means a start of a new band, more like a group of friends writing music together in hopes to get some recordings done and of course have fun. But who knows, maybe as time goes by playing a couple shows will seem like a worth while venture. who knows?

We'll just have to see what the future holds...


Tuesday, July 05, 2005 

reaching for infinity

her eyes gently looking across and towards infinity, she slowly breaks a tear and grasps the forgotten truth. slipping deeper into spaces, her hand reaches for your unseen face, familiar only in touch. a voice peers through the darkness and soothes the integrity of re-occurrence, softly breaking into the void.

you drag me deeper "he says" you pull me no where
meeting eyes in still motion, still reasons unclear
following foots steps in depth, "gravity" the only thing that binds us
together we whisper an internal breath, forever in still life

shades of gray, light & color, speech in silence, sound through thought.

photoluminescence her gift to the world

deep in the shallows of whenever, the sound of dropping tears break the silence. forever apart of us, separated only by time, this gift of absence a blessing. slowly turning inward, then collapsing on it's self a new spark is born. it's name? the name she spoke, the name never forgotten. a whisper reaching for infinity...