Friday, February 25, 2005 

Gnant & Etiquette

Just finished porting Gnant to Xfce & Rox-Filer, you can grab them here: Thread

I also ported Etiquette to Xfce: Thread

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NOTE: Gnant for XFce has been completely redone...

Monday, February 21, 2005 

Echoes of Alien Children

The echoes fade and now the reasons, these flashing politics they burn like spears. Your education, your youth floats like feather, is this fulfillment?

This alien mind now reaches out for reception, it catches speed as it breaks into. Your mirror image screams out in oppression, this future rips in two (right through)...

This looping confusion came into and from nowhere, it's point of origin splits and breaks. As it watches from a distance, it's still...

This concrete connection seeks a reunion and throws it's counter attack against it peers. It lashes out w/ good intentions and misses w/ cheers...

.We Scream Freedom!
..We Scream Freedom!
...We Scream Freedom!


Martian Sea Discovered

Now this is news!

New Scientist is reporting that a large sea of frozen ice (between 800 and 900 km in size and 45 km deep) has been discovered by the ESA's Mars Express Probe. Here's the kicker: the sea of block ice is only five degrees away from the Martian equator. New Scientist also links to a PDF of a paper to be presented next month about the finding.

~Ripped from Slashdot


Sunday, February 20, 2005 

Novell: Public Service Announcement

This is so funny! Video (about two minutes long)

Saturday, February 19, 2005 

Xfce & Rox Icons

Gartoon & BlankOn for Xfce & Rox

BlankOn (Xfce) :: Download
BlankOn (Rox-Filer) :: Download

Gartoon (Xfce) :: Download
Gartoon (Rox-Filer) :: Download
Gartoon Blue (Rox-Filer) :; Download

NOTE: Make sure to read over the INSTALL file for the Xfce theme(s)



Xfce patches & install script

Taskbar Clock - download
Large Menu Icons - download
NOTE: Patches should work w/ both XFce 4.2 & 4.2 RC3

Example: patch -p1 < xfce42-rc3-xfdesktop-large-menu-icons.patch

Here is a little XFce 4.2.0 installer script I put together, maybe someone else can find it useful...

To use the script, copy it into /home/$user$/work and run it: sh ./xfce42-installer ""must be root"". By default it installs everything under /opt/xfce42 and also downloads & applies the two patches above during the install...

Friday, February 18, 2005 

Music Player Daemon

Damn this thing is so fricking fresh! -

Install mpd & gmpc, create and setup the .mpdconf file, then sit back & watch it auto organize all yr music files. It's so neat :)

ByBye XFmedia & Beep Media Player!

::: GMPC In Action
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Insert me here -->

I haven't posted here in awhile, so I figured it was about time I did.

Adventures in Linux & BSD are going pretty good. I just upgraded my CRUX install from devfs to udev and also decided to remove the GNOME desktop, since it's rare for me to even log into it anymore. I did keep most of the gnome backend though, for application support.

Yesterday I decided to check out the latest version of Gnomebaker and I gotta say that I am pretty impressed. I think I might actually be able to ditch K3B all together now and remove kde completely from my system. Time will tell?

I was just surfing through and saw this post: XFce4 Panel Menu. Man does this thing look hideous!

:: XFce 4.2.0+